Mitsubishi Pajero – Monthly

Regarding its features, this Premium Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) car has presented a Bi-LED-up Projector lamp on the main light, juxtaposed with Automatic Beam Leveling, Spectrum LED Daylight and LED Fog Light. Of course, this year has gotten even more ferocious.

Reaching the rear body, there are slight changes that can be observed. Yep, right on the side of the lamp, using a sharper design combined with a more visible carving. The lamp configuration also uses the LED Rear Light model, which gives a sharper impression but can still be recognized as in the previous model.

On the side of the chair there is no change, it is still attached to quality leather. The Captain Seat format is found on the second row seats, still the same as the previous version. Special comfort is not removed from the Facelift version this time, you are still doing your activities as usual.

For the business of the pacemaker, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2020 engine operation still uses the same performance as the previous version. The fuel depends on diesel, with a capacity of 2.4 liters. The maximum power can be reached up to 181 HP and still comfortable using 8 automatic Intelligent acceleration.

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