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Toyota Camry always presents many new things in each of its newest series. As a luxury sedan, the Toyota Camry certainly offers a variety of the latest modern and sophisticated features. Do not forget also in terms of appearance, this car gives you a style that is luxurious as well as elegant but still sporty. Combined with an engine that is fierce enough for a car in its class, the All New Toyota Camry 2.5 G AT 2019 offers a complete package for those of you who love Toyota cars. Yes, this car certainly targets the middle to upper market segment who crave luxury cars, at affordable prices but not inferior to European cars.

From the front, the All New Toyota Camry 2.5 G AT 2019 offers a strong aggressive impression, especially by the appearance of the grille. This time, Toyota calls the grille contained in the Camry a Striking Grille. This concept was created from the engine cover which shows the impression of 6 curved lines from the end of the hood and meets at the front, to be precise in the Toyota logo embedded above the bumper with a black list that connects the two headlamps and the logo.

The elegant impression is increasingly clear from the narrow lamp model, but wide enough to produce maximum lighting. The elegant DRL lights separate the main LED light section from the sign light. You can find fog lamps or fog lamps at the lower end of the bumper giving an iconic impression typical of Toyota cars. The bumper of this car is also made to widen downward, which is combined with a dark gray color so that it exudes a maximum elegant impression.

Entering the interior of the All New Toyota Camry 2.5 G AT 2019, you will be able to feel the luxury and exclusivity of this car. The cabin is very spacious, the leg room is long and spacious, and the luxurious exterior seems to offer you maximum comfort. As with sedans in general, the capacity of the All New Toyota Camry 2.5 G AT 2019 is 1 passenger plus a driver at the front, while the rear row can accommodate up to 3 people.

The All New Toyota Camry 2.5 G AT 2019 is powered by a 2AR-FE coded engine with a capacity of 2,494 cc with 4 cylinders. This machine is capable of generating power around 11.5 HP with a maximum torque of 4,200 RPM. For the transmission system uses a sequential 6 speed automatic model.f

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